What Do We Do?

Garments Shooting
Photoshoot of garments refers to the process of capturing images of clothing items, either for commercial or editorial purposes. The aim is to showcase the features and designs of the garments, making them appealing to the target audience.
Catalog shoot
A catalog shoot is a photoshoot done for the purpose of creating images to be used in a catalog, which is a print or digital publication that displays and describes a company's products for sale. The goal of a catalog shoot is to produce visually appealing and...
Product Photography
It is the process of creating images that showcase a product's features and qualities to potential customers. A product shoot is a photoshoot specifically focused on capturing images of one or more products. The goal of a product shoot is to create high-quality images...
Marketing and Advertising
Branding and advertising are two important aspects of marketing that are often used together to promote a company or product. Branding is the process of creating a unique identity for a company or product, while advertising is the promotion...

KK Photo Studio

We at K K (Kalakruti) Studio Mumbai and Delhi based Photo shooting and advertising agency provides all kinds of design services for Promotional industry with over 10+ years of expertise. We Specialize in Photography, Garment Shoots, Model’s Portfolio’s Television Ads, Printing works, Branding, Catalogue shoot, Model’s, Portfolio Website Design & Development with High quality images, fast services & unbeatable value for your money make us the best choice for all your and Printing works.

K K (Kalakruti) Photo Studio is One-Stop Shop for all kinds of photography & Videography in Mumbai and New Delhi Who offers a variety of photography like E-Commerce Photography, E-Commerce Product Photography, 360 degree Photography, Celebrity Photography, Model Photography, Catalog Fashion Photography, Photo shooting, Television Ads, Garment Shoots, and many more.

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